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Create the ultimate customer experience with a hybris e-commerce platform. With a hybris CMS you can build a scalable omnichannel e-commerce environment which ensures the ultimate customer experience at all touchpoints.

The fast-changing online behaviour of consumers and the growing importance of e-commerce are opening up many new opportunities. 

Various channels - including physical shops - are merging into one universal environment. You can enhance your conversion rate by making every contact moment personal, unique and relevant. A hybris CMS brings innovative omni-channel solutions within reach.

Successful omnichannel e-commerce environment with hybris

A hybris platform gives you all the tools you need for successful e-business. Mirabeau supports you by linking your platform to the omnichannel world using innovative cloud technology and continuous delivery to accelerate your time-to-market. You also benefit from our promise to roll out new functionalities on a daily basis, driven by relevant data-based information. Moreover, our hybris Kickstarter ensures extremely fast implementation.

The market is always in development as is illustrated by the retail sector. The retailers of tomorrow apply technical innovations at a rapid pace and offer a personalized customer experience via successful new initiatives. 

Our hybris success stories

Many of our clients see the added value of our expertise and our partnership with hybris. We are currently building, managing and maintaining hybris implementations for various clients including Intergamma, Maxeda DIY and A.S. Watson. 

This use of hybris in practice has convinced Amazon Web Services to grant Mirabeau the Commerce & Marketing Competency, awarded to companies that are able to develop and manage innovative e-commerce and marketing experience platforms based on cloud technology. Read more about hybris and innovation in our blog article The advent of e-commerce microservices

The power of a hybris commerce platform

Hybris provides one of the best commerce packages for companies with serious ambitions and is seen as a frontrunner by Gartner and Forrester with good reason. Hybris is a highly mature platform that is characterized by excellent omnichannel support and scalability due to its modular setup. 

The suite has extensive functionalities and includes many connection options with underlying systems such as ERPs, PSPs, stock control systems, DAMs, Google Analytics and more. In addition, hybris provides a long list of B2C and B2B extensions, including the b2bpunchout extension which can be used to plug in directly to the procurement system. The use of add-ons means the hybris system is future-ready without requiring expensive upgrades.

Mirabeau and hybris: strategic partners since 2010

Mirabeau and hybris have been (SAP) strategic partners since 2010, and Mirabeau has since been named a Hybris Silver Partner. This official title confirms that we are a valuable & reliable partner to clients in the realization of business-critical e-commerce environments.

Faster business with our hybris 'Kickstarter'

To accelerate your time-to-market Mirabeau provides a unique Kickstarter solution that allows you to realise a new e-commerce platform based on hybris technology in a very short timeframe. We combine it with innovative cloud technology and a high level of automation to ensure a fast roll-out of new functionalities.

Continuous delivery is an integral part of our solutions, ensuring that you can continue your development quickly based on relevant data-based insights.

Enhance your conversion via the hybris platform

Enhance your conversion by making every contact moment personal, unique and relevant. Our implementations based on a hybris CMS bring innovative omnichannel solutions within reach. 

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