Certified Sitecore Implementation Partner


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A platform where content management and customer information seamlessly come together allows you to make every customer contact personal, unique and relevant.
Sitecore is such a platform, combining content management, automated marketing, social media, e-commerce, search engine optimization, email marketing and analytics within a single user-friendly experience platform. Thanks to our comprehensive product range and broad expertise, Mirabeau is an official Sitecore Implementation Partner.

Own the user experience with a Sitecore platform
Control the experience of every customer and offer the best digital experience at all times through smart predictions, quick responses and continuous creativity. The Sitecore Experience Platform gives you all the tools required to ensure the best customer experience. 

Our Sitecore cases

Many of our customers appreciate the added value of our partnership with Sitecore. We have successfully deployed Sitecore with clients such as Transavia, DTG, Theodoor Gilissen Bank, Q-Park, FBTO, MoneYou, LeasePlan, Friesland Campina, Home Fashion Group, NVM and Amgen.

The advantages of Sitecore Experience Manager
Sitecore is a world leader in the field of customer experience software for meaningful customer relationships. Their integrated platform for websites and other digital channels records all contact details belonging to current or potential customers with a brand, including their preferences. Just like Mirabeau, Sitecore always places the end user in focus. Sitecore can be applied to both enterprise architectures and smaller environments. This gives the platform a central role within online architectures. 

Award-winning Sitecore implementation partner
It’s not easy to become a certified Sitecore Implementation Partner. The label confirms that we are a valuable partner for customers, and that they can rely on us to build their business-critical environments. To provide customers with appropriate and flexible infrastructures, Mirabeau is also an official Sitecore Hosting Partner.

Gradually building an up-to-date customer profile with Sitecore Commerce
Sitecore Commerce is integrated with the Sitecore Experience Manager and gradually builds an up-to-date profile of your customers. Product information, web content and digital marketing come together here to drive valuable, personalised experiences throughout a client’s lifecycle.
The dashboard lets you create personalised experiences with content, product pages, search functions, email and mobile communication possibilities. Edit products and content in the context of the device for which they are intended and see in advance how the different experiences look for different audiences. This way you will know where the preferences of your customers lie and can easily adapt to them. 

Accelerate your time-to-market with Sitecore as-a-service
To speed up the time-to-market, we offer Sitecore as-a-service on the basis of cloud infrastructure technology. Thanks to modern concepts like continuous delivery, auto-scaling and immutable infrastructure, we thereby offer a very flexible and cost-effective platform which seamlessly matches your business needs. 

Mirabeau as your Sitecore migration specialist
We have been working closely with this global customer experience management party for years. We also use our experience with various Sitecore versions to effectively upgrade existing platforms to the latest versions. This ensures that you benefit from the latest developments and prevents expensive overdue maintenance. We have also performed upgrades of Sitecore version 6.x and 7.x to version 8.2.1 for various customers. Transavia’s revamped platform makes successful use of version 8.2.1.

If you have any questions or need advice on your particular situation, contact our Sitecore partner manager Peter Bakker.