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How can you increase your revenue via buying and selling goods and services via a digital solution? Be sure that commerce is integrated in your costumers' life. 

Your customer wants to order a product or ask you a question via the easiest way, whether it is via mobile, conversational, social, e-mail, a point of sale or via an automated IoT solution. He or she expects that you solve a problem that they have, so be sure that commerce is integrated in their life’s. To come to such a problem-solving solution, you need to combine a lot of things like; deep understanding about your customer, a meaningful brand and the best content, design and technology. To get the best user experience you need the best integrated approach with integrated solutions, from defining your digital strategy to prototyping and user testing.

If you have a 360 degree customer view via the use of Artificial Intelligence and a CRM-solution you can provide your customer with relevant and hyper personalized content. A platform with commerce capabilities can help you serve your customer the best. Such a platform can consist off; a Cloud Native Solution or a Commerce platform from one of our partners. API-integration layers can be used to serve a request of every type of touchpoint or create an open platform so others can use digital solution and/or data to achieve their business goals. Building these platforms on Cloud can reduce your time-to-market and costs and increase the pace of innovation and agility. When the commerce solution is implemented, the interaction with your customer has started. 

Do you want to optimize your conversion by getting insights from the data, improve the user experience via A/B-testing and managing your platform? Via Digital Marketing you can help your customer by getting the right content on the right moment at the right touchpoint. Content should be personal but also attractive. The use of good text, photography and video is part of the total experience. Innovative solutions with AR (Augmented Reality) can combine with digital to get the best experience for your customers, about your products in real live. 

The feeling, that everything works well when buying things is only possible if the total supply chain is on the right level.

As part of Cognizant Digital Business, we can help you with all the above.

Together with our partners for commerce platforms (Episerver, Hybris, Magento Commerce, Websphere Commerce, Oracle ATG, Demandware), with the right market focus, the best employees, the right capabilities and scale makes Mirabeau, a Cognizant Digital Business, the best e-commerce partner for you.

Do you have any questions, or want to know more about Commerce? Please contact Raymond Werner, Director Digital, via