Conversational Interfaces


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Smart assistants are shaping the way customers experience brands and interact with products and services. We show you how to optimize the use of conversational interface to create business value.

The smartphone revolution created entirely new products, services, revenue models and businesses. Now, the next revolution will again change the way you interact with customers. Conversational interface is on the rise, and companies who harness its power will emerge victorious.

Mirabeau knows that the power of voice-activated interaction will only continue to grow. That's why we use insights and data to connect you with your customers in the most natural way yet. We develop intelligent virtual assistants that run on chatbots or smart speakers from Google, Amazon, Microsoft or Apple. Using the deepest insights and the latest technology, we help you create new services that fit seamlessly into your customers' lives.

We start with extensive research and user insights to determine your customers' needs. Then we define the opportunities to use conversational interface to meet them. We identify the data sources that will power the conversational concept, and create the dialogue flows to ensure a natural conversation. Of course, we'll set up analytics, training and optimization to ensure you continue to get the most out of your investment.

The Transavia case
Leading airlines like Transavia know that in order to remain competitive, they need to be where their customers are. Together with Transavia we always look for the latest technology to enrich their customer journey. In every phase, the customer picks his or her favorite touchpoint, e.g. we developed a chatbot in Facebook Messenger for ticket booking and the Transavia Voice Assistant for travel inspiration.