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Mirabeau brings innovation to client organizations by helping them to envision new products and services, and by conceptualizing new approaches to how they can do business. 

Our innovation methodology seeks to survey and understand a given area of a client's business, identifying opportunity areas for new products, services, or customer experiences powered by emerging technologies. 

We apply different angles of approach based on the business challenge examining areas in which users have a problem, and current solutions are suboptimal. Explore the opportunities of emerging technologies to fulfil new dimensions of adjacent customer needs.

In collaboration with our experience design and technology teams, new solutions are conceptualized, prototyped and tested. Once research validates the prototype, Mirabeau has the ability to embed the pilot in the client organization from a technical architecture, devops, analytics, experience design and governance point of view. We then evolve successful pilots into ongoing businesses that are fully managed by the client organization.

Digital Studio

You are welcome to visit our Digital Studio in Amsterdam, one of the largest digital innovation and delivery centres in Europe. Our clients and partners work closely with our strategists, designers, technologists, data scientists and human sciences experts. Working closely with Cognizant we expand our capabilities in domains like IoT, data analytics, robots, AI, machine learning, blockchain, conversational commerce and cloud.  Together, we enable our customers to experience all the convenience of digital. 

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Edgard Beckand, Strategic Director
Edgard is specialized in growth strategy and creation. Furthermore, he is fascinated by innovation.
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