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Mirabeau integrates research and data into everything we do. That way, we make sure that we create impactful solutions, rooted in a deep understanding of people and their choices.

The digital domain gives fine insight into what your customers are doing. But that's not enough. You also need to know why they behave the way they do, so you can provide the value they're searching for. Mirabeau uses a proven method to analyse your data and applies user research to the solutions that will keep you ahead of the competition.

We'll help you truly understand your customers, their motivations and actions. Armed with the latest research and data tooling, we will identify actionable insights to help your business grow. Those insights will undoubtedly lead to interesting correlations that can help you provide more personalized, relevant services and products to your targets.

Our certified professionals work closely together with Cognizant's Artificial Intelligence & Analytics (AIA) team and Netcentric. And are continuously aware of tomorrow's tooling.

The companies that use research and data to optimize customer experiences are tomorrow's winners. We combine qualitative and quantitative insights to create relevant, efficient and effective customer interactions.

Do you have questions or want to know more about Insights? Contact Marcella Medeiros, UX Researcher Lead.