Arrange your own pension with APG’s MyFund

MyFund is an effective customer portal that allows participants to easily access and arrange their affairs. The digital environment is the central hub in the channel mix of APG’s pension funds.

With over 4.5 million participants, APG is one of the world’s largest collective pension providers. In the Netherlands it provides pensions for various funds, including ABP, bpfBouw and SPW, managing a joint pension capital of 451 billion euros (February 2017).

Case: Mirabeau en APG ontwikkelen ‘Mijn Fonds’ omgeving

Increased demand for ‘My environment’

The image of pension funds has taken a hit in recent years. Falling coverage ratios and the need to cut pension payments have damaged trust levels. At the same time, there has been pressure by the pension funds to keep execution costs per participant as low as possible.
These factors created a demand for an effective channel for all APG pension funds. A ‘My environment’ was an excellent solution, one which is also in line with APG’s ambitions to fully digitalize communication with participants.

Good communication with and services for participants are decisive factors for successful pension funds


User benefits

Together with APG we developed a white-label customer portal: a fully responsive MyFund based on a user-centered design.

The new portal also facilitates cost efficiencies, updates and releases – which in turn benefit the participants too. Where smaller pension funds previously had a limited customer portal or none at all, they can now provide full online services.

Case: Mirabeau en APG ontwikkelen ‘Mijn Fonds’ omgeving
New MyFund environment for APG's pension funds

Tailor-made MyFund environment 

Because the APG pension funds and their participants have varying business and user requirements in various fields, a one-size-fits-all solution was not an option. Instead the customer portal is built up in a modular way. MyFund comprises 25 modules, 11 of which are optional. It also facilitates bespoke modules.

Realistic pension amounts

A major improvement in the customer portal is the way it communicates in realistic and transparent figures, such as net amounts instead of gross. Where possible, the pension is shown per month instead of per year. Moreover, the retirement payments (AOW) built up elsewhere are not added to the pension figure. This gives participants a realistic insight into how much pension they have built up. 

Clear registration of contact moments

Contact moments enable module participants to track all online and offline communication with the pension fund – not only the content of messages and phone conversations, but also the person spoken to and the live status of requests. 

Knowing how changes affect your pension

The life event wizard was designed to show users in just two clicks how changes in work, income or family could affect their pension. This gives participants a clear insight into what they should arrange. The advice and options provided by the life event wizard are fully personalized and filtered for relevance.

Request an optimal pension option your way

One of the most complex customer journeys involving retirement is the actual pension request. By applying user-centered design we worked with APG to develop an effective pension wizard with three different entry points:

  1. Pension scenarios
    Pension scenarios give users the opportunity to explore scenarios such as ‘stopping work sooner’ or ‘spending more during retirement’. A social comparison tool illustrates which scenarios are most popular for each user group. 

  2. Minimum pension amount
    This entry point preconfigures the options in the pension wizard based on the minimum required net pension income provided by the user. The tool uses the best options within the relevant pension scheme.

  3. Compose your own pension
    Are you a pension-savvy user with the necessary insight? The pension wizard can also be used without pre-provided entries. 
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Case: Mirabeau en APG ontwikkelen ‘Mijn Fonds’ omgeving Case: Mirabeau en APG ontwikkelen ‘Mijn Fonds’ omgeving Case: Mirabeau en APG ontwikkelen ‘Mijn Fonds’ omgeving Case: Mirabeau en APG ontwikkelen ‘Mijn Fonds’ omgeving

The pension wizard

‘Configuring’ a pension in the pension wizard has been reduced to three logical steps. At each stage users are provided with the optimal option based on their personal goal. In practice, this means that the most attractive option fiscally with as much net pension as possible is shown.

The dashboard immediately indicates how a certain choice affects the net pension and partner pension. In nearly all cases, therefore, users only have to go through the pension wizard once without having to review their choices. 

Attentive to your retirement

As pensions are not top-of-mind for many people the notification tool informs users of relevant personal issues. This means participants are always kept up-to-date via their preferred channel (mail, e-mail, text message or MyFund). 

Always in contact 

Participants receive personalized and relevant answers to their questions via the service tool. Call or chat options are available for those who prefer personal contact. This set-up realizes major savings in the customer contact center.

Effective approach due to phased work methods 

Due to the major impact of the project the portal was realized in three phases: inception, design and development. This involved both the field of visual and interaction design and the technical design. APG developed the portal in accordance with Scrum principles, and with the support of Mirabeau in the field of UX and interaction design and front-end development.

Continued development of MyFund

A final user test, performed by an independent party including participants from various pension funds, resulted in an average System Usability Scale (SUS) score of 8.3. 

As APG’s UX partner, Mirabeau will remain involved in the continued digital development of APG channels and applications.