Cloud-first strategy for the NVM

Cloud technology forms the foundation of the digital services NVM offers its members.

The NVM is the largest Dutch association for real estate agents and appraisers. More than 4,100 real estate agents and appraisers are affiliated with NVM, and as the central hub for buying and selling homes in the Netherlands, the NVM releases public quarterly real estate numbers. Mirabeau provides the NVM with various services that facilitate the digital services of the NVM towards its members. 

Cloud technology from Amazon Web Services (AWS) forms the technological foundation. The applied cloud-first strategy offers a lot of value for the NVM in terms of flexibility, scalability, shorter development time and cost optimization. In addition, we are able to innovate faster with the use of cloud services, such as in the field of image recognition.

Cloud migration

In early 2013, Mirabeau achieved the largest IT migration ever for the NVM. The complete NVM environment consisting of web sites, web services, back-end applications and associated databases, migrated to AWS. In one day, more than 75 applications (more than 6 TB of databases, and 15 TB of data) migrated to the cloud on the basis of "infrastructure-as-code '. The platform was thus made scalable so that the necessary cloud capacity grows with business without infringing on the user experience of brokers.

After this initial lift & shift migration, the benefits of cloud are used increasingly within the environment. We have done this by optimizing applications based on cloud-architecture concepts, deploying complementary cloud services and building or rebuilding portions using a cloud-native approach. One example of this is the processing of pictures that ultimately end up on

Media Solution

Real estate agents - affiliated with the NVM - make extensive use of media for the sale of property through online showcases, such as In order to offer potential buyers a good preview, real estate agents are increasingly using large photos, 360° photos, and video. NVM's image library consists of approximately 55 million media files and processes on average 60,000 items each day.

We have translated the wishes of the NVM to a cloud native solution where different types of media can be processed and requested. We built the media platform quickly and cost-effectively by using these ready-made building blocks.

Thanks to the implementation of cloud infrastructure we make optimal use of the advantages and it offers the NVM a cost-effective and future-proof solution, based largely on serverless architecture principles. In practical terms, this means fewer worries with regard to classical IT management and more visible value for the NVM and its members.

With this, we are taking a new step forward in our digital provision of services and support of our members, which is in aprt made possible by the use of very modern cloud IT service 

- Henk Poldervaart, Manager Data & Research NVM.


For the NVM, we also carry out the entire management of the digital platform. We monitor information flows within the NVM platform 24x7 and monitor the behavior of the environment from an end user perspective. Data integrity and security is of great importance to the NVM, for this purpose we can provide a ISAE 3402 type II statement . 

Auto Scaling | Mirabeau

Mirabeau has over 15 years extensive experience in the construction and management of high-performance online environments. Since 2009, we have gained experience with cloud technology. With our cloud development and management knowledge, we develop fast and cost-effective applications that support customers in their digital transformation. Mirabeau is Advanced Consulting Partner of Amazon Web Services.