The Global Redesign

LeasePlan’s tagline and brand essence are both: ‘It’s easier to leaseplan’. We used this as the leading principle for a completely new visual style and user experience.

LeasePlan is an international market leader in car leasing. It is active in 32 countries. In each country, the website serves a different primary function: in one case, it is primarily about e-business, in other cases, the site is driven more by content or news. The new design had to be flexible enough to reflect these differences, while at the same time staying true to a single brand, consistent in every country. In addition, the platform had to serve a variety of user groups. Despite being a single platform, it had to serve the needs and preferences of each unique user group.

Dynamic Design

Mirabeau translated these paradoxes – one brand versus local differentiation, one platform versus different users – into a Dynamic Design. 

The platform’s design isn't based on templates. Instead, it's based on variable components and their potential combinations. In this modular design, components constantly shift, and only take their definitive form when they’re put into a certain context. User variables – such as location and time, actuality and user requirements or preference – determine the context. Pages, components and content are, therefore, never placed in a random, static order. Instead, they are placed on the basis of relevance. 

This principle is easy to see on the home page of the corporate website. The most common user requirements are summarised in a special navigation tool at the top of the page. When a visitor selects one the options, the page immediately reformats and the design readjusts. The dynamic dimension is also visible in the page’s details. For example, the size of each of the Frequently Asked Questions is determined by how frequently the answer is viewed or liked. The dynamic character of the pages makes the content more personal and relevant. And therefore, the brand essence, ‘it’s easier to leaseplan’, is supported in a tailored way.

The new visual identity is being implemented, step-by-step, in every country in which LeasePlan operates. Digital design is leading: it is the starting point for all online and offline communications. 

The new style fits perfectly with today’s online business activities, and prepares LeasePlan for future developments.

(Claske Postuma-Smit, Senior Marketing Manager International Marketing & Research)

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Less management, better content

The new site concept allows LeasePlan to reduce the more than 125 external websites to a much more manageable number. The corporate site, country sites, client portals and special offer sites can all be established from a single, central platform concept, and each can be managed locally. 

It’s now possible to produce content and exchange it among different (country) websites. This makes the online environment much less complex, both for customers and for employees. In this way, LeasePlan can optimally serve a variety of target groups, with a single, integrated concept.