Redesign global app China Southern Airlines

The aviation industry in China is growing fast with the emergence of the Chinese middle class. The country is in need of 98,000 new pilots in the next 20 years. To stay ahead in this growth, we developed the new global app together with China Southern Airlines.

The Chinese airline is the largest in Asia and number four in the world. The outdated app of China Southern Airlines no longer met today's requirements. To offer travelers a better service and reinforce loyalty, China Southern Airlines decided to completely renew the global app together with Mirabeau. Mirabeau's expertise in the airline industry was decisive for the airline in deciding to work together.

Redesign app China Southern Airlines | Mirabeau

Improved user experience and user interface

The mobile application is the main focus in the customer journey of the passengers. The collaboration with China Southern Airlines took place on site for optimal cooperation during the development of the new app. All functionalities are provided with a new and improved user interface to enhance the customer experience. The high level of user involvement that we applied was new for the airline: the design path included four extensive usability tests with respondents from different target groups.

The effort we have put into this project together has taught us both a lot and produced a good result: an excellent base for the future

– Cyrille Rentier, UX Business Lead Mirabeau

Succesful innovations through Scrum

Scrum, an Agile working method, was used during the collaboration with China Southern Airlines. Even though Scrum is becoming an increasingly more natural choice for many organizations, China is less familiar with this method of working. By mixing work onsite in China and collaborating digitally in the office in Rotterdam, we both learned a lot about the possibilities and limitations of Scrum over a great distance and with different levels of experience. The importance of multidisciplinary and blended teams turned out to be great but it also became clear that the flexible approach that Scrum offers fits in well with Chinese methods.

Working in sprints allowed us to innovate quickly. After two months of physical and intensive cooperation on location the base for the app was 'ready for take-off'. Every China Southern Airlines traveler will soon be able to use the app in a phased roll-out.

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Redesign app China Southern Airlines | Mirabeau Redesign app China Southern Airlines | Mirabeau

New functionalities

There has been a lot of focus on new functions and a user-friendly interface of the app. Travelers can easily search and book their flight in stages and with a focus on relevant elements. You can now book a ticket or reserve your seat from anywhere; it's all about convenience. The new app is available for iOS and Android.

When you book a seat in the app, you really have the feeling of booking a seat on a plane instead of in a PDF-file

- Paul Versteeg, Principal Interaction Designer Mirabeau

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