Millions of orders, hundreds of touchpoints: one user experience

For, delivering a consistent user and brand experience as well as an improved service level all support a single goal: to be the world’s best takeaway delivery website. is currently available in 10 countries and growing exponentially. The Dutch branch alone – – processes over a million orders for more than 5,500 restaurants each month. The ultimate objective is to become more than just a go-between within the order chain. To support this expansion, the company needed to refine the brand values and develop a new, modernised brand identity as well as optimise the website and apps. With this in mind, we thoroughly analysed all interaction between and its users.

A new brand identity

To reflect their new reach and brand values,’s international ambitions were reiterated with a fresh identity - implemented through all online and offline touchpoints: from the app icon through to the delivery staff uniforms of partner restaurants.

As the number of users ordering straight from their mobile devices grows, developing from a mobile perspective was as much choice as necessity.

Although the original logo had served well, there were some practical issues. The brand image took up so much space that there was too little left for the company name to be legible.

To reflect’s new brand values and enhance the logo’s readability, we simplified and stylized the original image. By including the cutlery within a stylized version of the house that looks chunkier, welcoming and more ‘eatable’, we managed to create more space for the copy. Additionally, the house shape works as an arrow, symbolizing delivery as well as the dynamics of the industry and company itself.

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New, smart functionality

To make ordering takeaway online even smoother, new search functionalities enable users to choose quickly and easily. Instead of having to pick a restaurant first, users can filter by category, meal and even ingredients as well as compare menus, prices, delivery time and cost in a straightforward way.

By integrating user history, we’ve made re-ordering easy, and paying is now a hassle-free process with the addition of third-party apps such as the ING app.

Locate, track and trace

To provide users with a helpful overview for the locations of different restaurants, we’ve added a Google Maps functionality.

Moreover, now uses push notifications for user-focused updates such as order confirmation, order preparation and expected delivery time. And through our Food Tracker, users can even track the status of their meal as well as follow delivery staff en route with their order.