Easily purchasing tickets with Transavia's new chatbot

Low-cost airline Transavia launched a chatbot on Facebook Messenger that smoothly guides customers through their ticket selection and purchasing process.

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Conversational Interfaces | Mirabeau

Conversational Interfaces: the dawn of a revolution

Keeping our customers ahead in the digital world isn’t just Mirabeau’s mission. It’s our passion. That’s why we constantly explore the latest technological developments in search of the ‘next big thing’. 

Mirabeau Scrum Board

Agile Transition Path

This whitepaper discusses how ‘Agile’ - the act of exploring - will increase your understanding of the value you create, whilst also increasing your ability to add it.

Digital transformation | Mirabeau

Digital transformation

How speed and relevance make you want to be your own customer

Digitale Strategie | Mirabeau

Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation will continue to be an important theme for many organisations in the coming year. 

The e-commerce environment in control | Mirabeau

The e-commerce environment in control

Our six insights help you to consistently improve conversion on your e-commerce platform.

E-commerce optimisation for the ever-changing web

E-commerce optimisation for the ever changing web

The web is constantly evolving. Not only is the technology getting smarter, but the way we use it is also changing in a big way. It’s already been a while since online shopping only happened on desktop computers.

How to improve your online platform continually

How to improve your online platform continually

You want to create the best user experience there is. And after the design and development process you want to make the platform a bit better every day. But how?

Verbinden in strategie | Mirabeau

Making offline experiences match online expectations

Digital is setting a new standard. Are consumers winning or losing the game?

7 Technological trends on our Summer 2015 TechRadar

What’s on Mirabeau’s Summer 2015 TechRadar? We’ve assembled seven of the hottest topics, just for you.

Content first | Mirabeau

Content first: from responsive design to a dynamic website

The content-first design principle has been around since the invention of the web, but has really gained momentum with the advance of responsive design: to show relevant content, in the right place, at the right time.

Ibeacon technologie | Mirabeau

Demo: iBeacons as part of a (personalisation) platform

Now you can decide where, when and triggered by what events and profiles a (localised) message reaches your customer.

Google Glass in de supermarkt | Mirabeau

Google Glass: the missing ingredient for hyperlocality

We wondered, is Google Glass only interesting to so-called ‘gadgeteers’ or will this Google experiment survive the test of time and convince a wider audience?

Personalised content for each visitor

In this digital era we need to offer the right content within the right context.

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Mirabeau and Transavia launch new chatbot

20 March 2017 - Digital agency Mirabeau and low cost airline Transavia have created a chatbot on Facebook Messenger that smoothly guides customers through their ticket selection and purchasing process.

Meet Mirabeau at B2B Online Europe

30 November 2016 - B2B online is Europe's most senior-level, digital event for manufacturers and distributors. Over 200 industry professionals will learn from thought-leaders while fostering key relationships through a range of interactive formats. Build an invaluable personal network of your peers.

Cognizant to Acquire Digital Marketing and Customer Experience Agency Mirabeau BV

29 November 2016 - Cognizant today announced that it has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire privately-held Mirabeau BV. Our combined knowledge and experience will help us provide superior solutions to our customers in the Netherlands and internationally.

Amsterdam UX meetup returns to Mirabeau

31 October 2016 - After enjoying last year’s meetup on designing for iOS and Android, we’re happy to announce that the Amsterdam UX community will return to Mirabeau on Thursday November 10. We’re expecting around 100 designers, prototypers, technologists and makers to meet up in our new Amsterdam HQ for an evening of inspiring talks, tasty food, drinks and networking.

Mirabeau expands team in Asia

26 October 2016 - Mirabeau keeps on growing! Currently we are expanding our Asia team in Guangzhou, China. We are looking for a UX Consultant, Visual Designer, .NET Engineer and DevOps Engineer. Are you ready for the next step in digital design? Apply now.

Transavia finalist Dutch Design Award

12 October 2016 - We are really proud that Transavia is one of the three finalists for the Best Client Award 2016. The Award is a special Dutch Design Award for clients who employ design strategically in their organisation.

Digital agency Mirabeau opens office in Paris

30 September 2016 - On October 1st, digital agency Mirabeau opens its first office in Paris. The new office is located in the vibrant heart of world city Paris, between the offices of digital natives Facebook, Google and Twitter.

eDay 2016: 'How to digitally empower your employees' by Mirabeau

27 September 2016 - On 6 October, Emerce eDay will take place in Amsterdam. The biggest e-business event of the year where innovation, digital, and great minds converge. Curious about the next step in your Digital Transformation? Meet us at eDay 2016.

Meet Mirabeau at eTravel Europe

23 September 2016 - On October 4th, eTravel Europe will unite international travel industry leaders and the world of digital in Amsterdam. Bas Barten (Mirabeau) will give an inspirational talk on Digital Transformation: 'Create a smooth multi-channel customer experience & digitally empower your employees'.

Mirabeau reveals the key to online growth in Hong Kong

12 September 2016 - Are you ready for the new business reality? We give 7 golden rules for digital transformation at the SME academy in Hong Kong. During our session at the SME Academy in Hong Kong Vanessa de Groot will cover the concept of Digital Transformation.

Mirabeau opens first office in Guangzhou China

5 September 2016 - With the new local office Mirabeau intends to help both Chinese State Owned- and Privately Owned Enterprises with their Digital Transformation and to increase their presence in the international market.

Mirabeau experiments with Conversational UI's and Chatbots 

30 August 2016 - Messenger apps are playing an increasingly important role in our daily digital lives. Our innovation practice, Mirabeau Labs, has created several prototypes. Watch the sneak preview of our Chatbot prototype for a healthy lifestyle.

Redesign Transavia nominated for German design award

10 August 2016 - The new online identity of Transavia is nominated for a German Design Award, one of the best-known design competitions in the world.

Mirabeau achieves Azure Gold Cloud Platform status

22 July 2016 - Mirabeau has achieved the Azure Gold Cloud Platform status. An acknowledgement for partners with a proven knowledge of, expertise with, and commitment to Microsoft Azure cloud services.

Mirabeau shares aviation knowledge in China

14 July 2016 - HNA Aviation Group invited digital agency Mirabeau in Haikou (China) to speak on Digital Transformation and Innovation, as all thirteen airlines within the HNA Group are focusing on their digital touch points.

Mirabeau puts international focus on airlines, signs Air France

30 June 2016 - During Cannes Lions, Adjan Kodde from Mirabeau talked about Mirabeau’s international focus on airlines. Recently, China Southern Airlines also chose Mirabeau, and the fourth airline was just announced: Air France.

Ahead in a digital world for 15 years

8 June 2016 - Since 2001, our ‘digital natives’ have helped dozens of clients get ahead in a digital world. We are extremely grateful for the trust of all our clients, several of whom have been with us for more than ten years. Thank you for being our partner in a changing world for the past 15 years.

Mirabeau to launch new business unit: Cloudmasters

17 May 2016 - Digital agency Mirabeau has announced it has launched a new Business unit, called Cloudmasters, for the delivery of Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud competence and expertise and to help customers move to the cloud.

Is your organisation ready to create B2C customer experiences in a B2B market space?

13 May 2016 - Digital Agency Mirabeau and SAP specialist Scheer Group and are joining forces on a special SAP Hybris Event on the 2th of June.

Mirabeau wins silver SpinAward with Transavia

28 April 2016 - Mirabeau has won a silver SpinAward in the ‘website’ category for the redesign of the Transavia site. The renewed ‘My Transavia’ environment sets an entirely new standard in user experience design within the airline industry.

How to embark on the Digital Transformation journey?

15 April 2016 - Mirabeau and AirlineTrends.com reveal the secrets of success in Digital Transformation at Europe’s only end-to-end passenger experience event; Future Travel Experience (FTE) Europe 2016.

Go live fast with Mirabeau Kickstarters

2 March 2016 - The digital playing field is constantly changing. Companies need a platform that can accelerate their development, so they can swiftly and effectively adapt new functionalities. The transition to a new, modern platform usually takes months. But Mirabeau is now offering its clients a solution that guarantees they’ll go live faster: Kickstarters.

Mirabeau about Digital Transformation in Hong Kong

1 March 2016 - The Key to Online Growth: Mirabeau gives 7 steps to make a difference on Digital Transformation in Hong Kong. The buying power of the “millennials” or “generation y” and the future “generation z” is growing, making them an interesting new target group. But targeting, acquiring, satisfying and retaining these young and dynamic customers seems harder then ever before.

Sitecore announces Most Valuable Professionals 2016

19 February 2016 - The awards recognize thoughtleaders; individuals with a passion for sharing their knowledge and expertise through active participation in online and offline Sitecore communities. Jan Bluemink, Software Engineer at Mirabeau is one of them.

Mirabeau seeks 25 digital creatives

2 February 2016 - For Digital Agency Mirabeau, 2016 has gotten off to a very strong start. The company is seeking 25 digital creatives to expand their creative team in the short term.

Asia’s largest airline chooses Mirabeau for app redesign

28 January 2016 - China Southern Airlines and Mirabeau will work in close cooperation to completely redesign the airline’s worldwide app.

KLM extends collaboration with Mirabeau

21 January 2016 - KLM has reconfirmed its partnership with Mirabeau with a new, three-year agreement. An important partner to KLM, Mirabeau provides support in the digital domain. In 2016, the two companies will celebrate 10 years of collaboration.

Transavia re-branding by Mirabeau and Studio Dumbar 

1 January 2016 - Low-cost airline Transavia launched their new strategy and visual identity. The new branding expresses Transavia’s commitment to become Europe’s leading airline in hospitality – in the air and online.

Mirabeau Managed Services brings offering to a demonstrably higher level

27 November 2015 - Ernst & Young issued an ISAE 3402, type II declaration for Mirabeau’s Managed Services offering.

Adjan Kodde New Chair of Dutch Digital Agencies

26 October 2015 - Adjan Kodde, founder and CEO of digital agency Mirabeau, has been elected as the new Chair of Dutch Digital Agencies (DDA). Alex Otten (Estate) takes Adjan’s place on the Board.

Dynamic Design Magazine released during Duch Design Week

21 October 2015 - Mirabeau is proud to release the first edition of the magazine Dynamic Design during Dutch Design Week 2015. On Friday 23 October, the first edition will be presented to the creative industry and the press. Bert Hagendoorn will receive the first copy.

Mirabeau and Transavia win prestigious Lovie Award

13 October 2015 - Today the International Academy of Digital Arts and Sciences announced that the new online identity of Transavia is honored with a silver Lovie Award in the category travel / tourism.

Transavia and Mirabeau nominated for prestigious Lovie Awards

23 September 2015 - The new online identity of Transavia is nominated for best Travel/Tourism website by The Lovie Awards

Mirabeau to become Microsoft Azure business partner

7 April 2015 - Mirabeau is now part of Microsoft’s business partner community. The company announced this during the Azure business partners ‘Graduation Party’ at Schiphol. Microsoft awards partners that independently offer full Microsoft Azure cloud services to their customers.

Transavia and LeasePlan nominated for a Dutch Interactive Award

3 April 2015 - Mirabeau's online brand experience work for Transavia nominated for Dutch Interactive Award

Three Mirabeau clients nominated for Home Shopping Awards 2015

20 March 2015 - Stichting Nationale Thuiswinkel Awards (‘National Home Shopping Awards Foundation’) has announced their nominations for the Thuiswinkel Awards Audience Selection XL and Industry Award, which include three Mirabeau clients: Takeaway.com, Vacanceselect.com and Warmteservice.nl.

Mirabeau awarded Sitecore’s Platinum Implementation Partnership

10 March 2015 - Digital agency Mirabeau has been made a Sitecore Platinum Implementation Partner. Sitecore, a global leader in customer experience software, has recently rolled out a new Solution Partner Program that fulfils client and partner demands more efficiently.

Mirabeau is Microsoft’s Cloud Platform Advisor

12 February 2015 - Mirabeau is now part of Microsoft’s Cloud Platform Advisors community. This enables us to work with Microsoft’s specialists and exchange practical experiences, new ideas and best practices. Additionally, we’ve been granted early access to previews of the latest Microsoft Azure services, which we have used for our client DAF, among others.

Transavia re-branding by Mirabeau and Studio Dumbar 

26 January 2015 - Low-cost airline Transavia launched their new strategy and visual identity. The new branding expresses Transavia’s commitment to become Europe’s leading airline in hospitality – in the air and online.

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