E-commerce optimisation for the ever changing web

From progressive enhancement to dynamic design

The web is constantly evolving. Not only is the technology getting smarter, but the way we use it is also changing in a big way. It’s already been a while since online shopping only happened on desktop computers.

Consumers want to be able to shop where and when they want. Technologies like touch, location services, and voice input, enable users to interact with their online store in a more intuitive manner. User experience is becoming more and more important and the web is getting smarter. That’s why e-commerce websites need to be optimised.

E-commerce optimisation for the ever-changing web

The landscape of devices and software with which potential customers consult the web is erratic and unpredictable. Today, people shop on the mobile phones, televisions or Smart watches. With the emergence of the tablet, many people don’t even have a traditional desktop computer anymore. The tablet has become the new personal computer, and it’s now much more enjoyable to shop online from the couch, rather than with an old desktop computer stuffed away in the attic.

"Often, users orient themselves with a product using a mobile phone. Then, the actual purchase happens on a tablet.

According to statistics, the substantial shift from desktop to tablet for Internet use is already underway. More than one third of global Internet usage happens on mobile devices. Shopping primarily takes place on tablets. According to the figures, online purchases via a mobile phone are still lagging behind a bit. But that doesn’t mean that mobile isn’t important. Often, users orient themselves with products on a mobile phone, and afterwards, make their purchase on a tablet. Thus, there are a number of touch points that need to be optimised.

6 steps towards true optimisation

In the past few years, Mirabeau has acquired the necessary experience to realise successful e-commerce platforms for companies like Jumbo, Praxis, Kruidvat and PARKnSHOP. In this white paper, we describe the approach and benefits of a responsive e-commerce website and share six steps towards true optimisation for the ever-changing web.

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