Bring innovation to your office with real-time face recognition

The possibilities of modern cloud cognitive services are endless. That's why we're really excited about cognitive services like text-, speech-, and image recognition. 

Our new face recognition demo shows the power of cognitive cloud services. When entering our head office in Amsterdam, visitors will be welcomed by our face recognition screen. How it works? Read on. 

Face Recognition | Mirabeau

Once a visitor’s face has been detected, further analysis takes place using cloud face recognition services based on the power of machine learning. The service provides insights like age, gender, emotion and other facial features like reading glasses, beard and moustache. A very fun and appealing demo.

Taking face recognition to the next level

In the last two months, new features and a fresh design were implemented to make the setup more mature and appealing. One of the improvements we made is the animated welcome message that provides a warm welcome to people entering our Mirabeau offices in Amsterdam and Eindhoven.

Not able to swing by in the Netherlands? The demo is also installed in the Cognizant Collaboratories in London, New-York and even Melbourne.

Face Recognition Mirabeau office

Other improvements include the ability to detect new facial features like lip & eye makeup and a look-a-like detection feature. The appliance shows a colleague you look most similar to if there is more than a 50% match.

Bringing your data to life

The demo shows the true power of today’s Cognitive Cloud Services powered by AI and can easily be enriched with your own data. Several use-cases can be thought of such as supporting your employees with relevant data, like their next appointment. Attracting visitors to your booth at an event is another great example. And because the system is capable of logging statistical data, you could provide insights like the happiness level per day, top visitors, average age, etcetera.

Face recognition demo for your industry?

At the moment we are working on industry specific variants for our clients. Interested in bringing innovation to life in your own office?

Please get in touch with Peter Bakker via Or download more detailed information here.


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