What is the best way to guarantee a secure platform?

Author: Sander Nieuwenhuis

If you are responsible for the development, launch or operation of an online digital platform, you have to make sure that your data is secure. 

Every organisation has an online presence nowadays. Whether it’s a webshop, readouts from smart energy meters or remote updating of software in cars or smartphones everything is linked via the internet and, as a consequence, vulnerable.

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Why would you secure your online platform?

As soon as you connect to the internet, hackers can theoretically reach you. An unprotected website can be infected within seconds. After all, you wouldn’t park your car then leave the keys in the ignition and the doors open, would you?

You also want to prevent something going wrong with your customer data. If it is inadvertently published, your customers will lose their trust in you. And if, as is common today, this is accompanied by an outcry on social media, the impact will only be greater.

A second key reason to implement security measures is to comply with legal requirements. The rules regarding the protection of private data are being tightened year after year in both Dutch and European legislation. Examples include the Dutch cookie legislation and consumer law, which imposes obligations on online sellers. Those found to be in contravention of these rules risk heavy fines, as well as being named and shamed by consumer associations.

The most important aspect is, of course, simply staying aware.


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