21 October 2015

Dynamic Design Magazine released during Duch Design Week

Dynamic design grey |Mirabeau

Mirabeau is proud to release the first edition of the magazine Dynamic Design during Dutch Design Week 2015. On Friday 23 October, the first edition will be presented to the creative industry and the press. Bert Hagendoorn will receive the first copy. 

Times are changing 

Henk Haaima, art director at Mirabeau, is the author of the magazine. The magazine doesn't offer case studies and is more than a trend report. 

"There was a time the web was largely populated by static pages. It was the sad result of an organisation driven approach and of user experience conventions that terrorise the interface. Static websites are like works of art in a museum. Motionless, fragile, distant. They are true relics of an era gone by.”

People now expect online experiences that respond to real user behaviour. There is still a whole new world to discover when it comes to dynamic design. The articles in this magazine call for the creation of living, breathing interfaces.

We offer you a ‘sneak peek’ already! Download one chapter from Dynamic Design: ‘The new design revolution’

Press presentation Dynamic Design magazine

The magazine will be released twice a year. The first issue ‘Fall 2015’ will be released during Dutch Design Week. Make sure to get your free copy during Dutch Design Week, October 23, 11 AM at Bookstore Van Piere.   

When: 23 oktober 
Where: Boekhandel Van Piere, Nieuwe Emmasingel 44 Eindhoven
Time: 11.00 uur