26 October 2015

Adjan Kodde New Chair of Dutch Digital Agencies

Adjan Kodde, founder and CEO of digital agency Mirabeau, has been elected as the new Chair of Dutch Digital Agencies (DDA). Alex Otten (Estate) takes Adjan’s place on the Board. The sector association of leading digital agencies made this announcement following its members’ meeting.

Kodde has been a Board member since 2012, and will be taking over the baton from Paul Manuel (TamTam) who has been Chair since 2010. Under Manuel’s chairmanship, the sector association has continued to develop and has a more visible presence. At DDA, it is customary to hand over the role after a maximum period of five years.

As the founder and Managing Director of Mirabeau, Adjan has extensive experience in internationalisation and growth. He also hopes to be able to utilise this knowledge for the benefit of DDA. He plans to focus on promoting the interests of DDA and on internationalisation.

‘Digital is a hot topic in many businesses, which proves the relevance of the agencies, and consequently of DDA. For me, this is a fantastic phase in the sector and I am keen to share my experience,’ said Adjan Kodde. ‘It’s an energetic group of game-changers who are making a difference by being more visible and connecting with one another. In the future, we want to continue to innovate, rejuvenate and develop more activities, in addition to providing the services that people are used to us delivering. By entering into closer collaborative ventures, we will raise the profile of the digital industry.’

Adjan Kodde en Alex Otten |Mirabeau
Alex Otten (left), Adjan Kodde (right)

As Managing Director of Estate, Alex Otten focuses on developing his organisation, making it visible and optimising its performance. This experience is a perfect match for the portfolio he is to promote.

‘As an entrepreneur, I’m always looking to make improvements, as are the other members of DDA. By looking at where we can join forces, we can achieve much more than if we were to operate as individual businesses. I am also keen to make an active contribution to DDA, so that we can develop even further as contractors and employers.’

The other members of the DDA Board are Paul Hinze (Digital United), Hans Maltha (Burst-Digital) and Vincent Luyendijk (IN10). Annemieke Deering and Annemiek van Kinderen are responsible for the day-to-day management. 

Since 2002, Dutch Digital Agencies (DDA) has represented the leading digital agencies in the Netherlands. It operates as a sector association and knowledge platform in this growing sector. DDA actively encourages the creative and innovative talents of the digital industry and the interaction between the member agencies.