2 February 2016

Mirabeau seeks 25 digital creatives

For Digital Agency Mirabeau, 2016 has gotten off to a very strong start. The company is seeking 25 digital creatives to expand their creative team in the short term. Mirabeau is on a search for Art Directors, Strategists, Creative Consultants, UX Designers, Visual Designers, Analysts and Front-end Developers.

Creative work for the agency grew exponentially in 2015, and this trend has continued unabated in 2016. The trend matches a distinct development pattern in the industry. Many companies are experiencing a period of so-called ‘Digital Transformation’, whereby their customers’ experience needs to be better aligned with their customers’ expectations. Mirabeau helps companies adapt to rapidly changing (digital) consumer behaviour. From a digital perspective, a creative approach can truly make the difference.

Growth through agility
Mirabeau’s need for team expansion is due to both an influx of new clients, and also the continuous effort of designers and creatives. All of Mirabeau’s clients are engaged in an agile work process. Most are now also involved with multiple teams in a ‘Continuous Delivery’ mode. That entails frequent updates in which improvements and enhancements to digital touch points are made continuously. In this construction, analysts and creatives are intensively engaged in the multidisciplinary teams. Previously, Mirabeau had already established this work method with clients such as Transavia, MoneYou and Maxeda.

Quite often, the teams are ‘blended’, and consist of representatives from the client, Mirabeau staff, and sometimes even third-party representatives who manage elements such as back-end systems. In these teams, business, User Experience (UX) and technology come together. This arrangement allows for a strong increase in execution power. Many corporations admire pure players, like Booking.com, who have become well known for their Continuous Delivery. Mirabeau helps companies to reach a comparable level, even within the companies themselves. 

Transformation through engagement
Since statistics and analytics are shared directly with the teams, the tangible results of the creative and technical work are easy to see. This fosters a high level of commitment and – above all – a strong desire for the continuous improvement of digital touch points. Mirabeau also provides governance advice, so as to ensure a clear and effective structure with respect to strategy, tactics (creation) and implementation. This structure creates the right breeding grounds for the Digital Transformation. This movement thrives in small steps at first. But by expanding the number of agile teams, it can accelerate quickly.

This kind of structure would not have been possible, had it not been for Mirabeau’s investment in cloud knowledge and technology during the past two years. Teams have gained expertise in both the Azure and Amazon clouds, which has proved to be a prerequisite for a continuous release cycle. Mirabeau’s clients no longer operate in a traditional data centre. They have all migrated to the cloud. In the Netherlands, Mirabeau has the highest number of installs in the Amazon cloud, and the highest certification in the Microsoft Azure cloud. Through the use of both cloud and so-called ‘micro-services architecture’, technology has become clear, fast and agile. 

Success through scaling
The work of the agile teams covers a broad spectrum. Team activities have shifted from branding to service design, since the rise of online has caused brand image to mostly be formed by customer experience. Together with its clients, Mirabeau develops Digital Transformation roadmaps, and gradually introduces changes to the team depending upon the desired accents, such as Branding, Visual Design, UX, or, for example, Motion Design or Content Creation.

In recent months, companies like KLM, APG, Achmea and China Southern Airlines have signed multi-year contracts with Mirabeau, in order to develop agile teams with UX expertise. That means a lot of work for the existing creative team of around 80 people. In light of the on-going discussions with other potential clients, Mirabeau expects even further growth in this area. They are therefore looking for 25 experienced creatives. The agency has also increased its internal recruitment capacity in order to facilitate growth. The company is seeking experienced creatives to supplement their teams in Amsterdam, Rotterdam and Eindhoven. But Mirabeau is also open to meeting creatives from other parts of the country. The company is looking for both specialists for permanent employment, and freelancers for its flexible workforce. 

Interested in working for Mirabeau? Send an email to Paul Beets at recruitment@mirabeau.nl, or visit our vacancy site.

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