1 March 2016

Mirabeau about Digital Transformation in Hong Kong

Is online growth on top of your agenda? on April 12th, Mirabeau gives a talk about the secrets of Digital Transformation at AmCham, Hong Kong. 

The Key to Online Growth: 7 steps to make a difference
 AmCham, April 12th, 2016, 12:00-1:45pm

The buying power of the “millennials” or “generation y” and the future “generation z” is growing, making them an interesting new target group. But targeting, acquiring, satisfying and retaining these young and dynamic customers seems harder then ever before.

Your new customers have very different expectations and demands than their ancestors. They grew up in the age of the internet and smartphones and no longer see boundaries between the physical and the digital world. Online is a key channel for every interaction. Customers expect easy to use digital services, available 24/7.

The days of mass marketing are counted. Personalised digital services and one-to-one marketing are becoming the norm. Customers expect you to know them and service them on a personal level. Personalising online experiences has shown to result in an average 19% uplift in sales.

Commoditisation of products makes it harder to compete on just product and price level. Today a multitude of brands deliver very similar products and customers can hardly tell the difference.

New digital players disrupt the market, and set a new standard for customer experience. And now your customers expect the same from you. Consumers demand the latest innovative products and services. The pressure on older market leaders to adopt digital and start their “digital transformation” has increased rapidly.

In this talk we will focus on this digital transformation. What should your company focus on during its digital transformation? We boil down this mighty complex challenge to 7 golden rules. This is not to say that attending this talk will solve your puzzle. But it will surely prove to be a good start!

First 15-20 minutes is for networking
Sandwiches & beverages included

Hosted by the Communications & Marketing Committee

Speaker: Vanessa E. de Groot Director of Business Development, Mirabeau

Vanessa E. de Groot is a creative and entrepreneurial networker and heads the newly established Asian branch of Dutch digital design firm Mirabeau. In the short period that Mirabeau is active in Asia, Vanessa managed to sign with companies such as AS Watson Group and China Southern Airlines.

Before Mirabeau, Vanessa worked as an educator, innovation manager and in business development with startups, multinationals, higher education and governments in both Europe and Asia. Vanessa is an engaging speaker on innovation and (digital) transformation.

Vanessa de Groot | Mirabeau