30 June 2016

Mirabeau puts international focus on airlines, signs Air France

During Cannes Lions, Adjan Kodde from Mirabeau talked to Emerce about Mirabeau’s international focus on airlines: “With our clients KLM and Transavia, we noticed that we’re in an incredibly competitive playing field in Europe. That ensures that our work gets noticed.” Recently, China Southern Airlines also chose Mirabeau, and the fourth airline was just announced: Air France.

“We choose very specific markets for our international progression. And we’re doing that now with airlines,” Kodde explains. “It’s useful to concentrate on a specific subject matter, because you can then actively manage that topic through direct marketing, LinkedIn and social.” The fourth airline has just signed. “Why did they choose you?” “Because of our vision for user experience design and the way in which we truly understand the airline industry.”

Kodde considers this approach to be typically Dutch: “My explanation of Dutch Design goes back a long time. Dutch designers dig deeply into the subject matter in order to gain new insights and develop new designs. That approach began as far back as the Dutch masters of the art world.”

This interview was originally published on Emerce. Please read the original article here