12 October 2016

Transavia finalist Dutch Design Award

We are really proud that Transavia is one of the three finalists for the Best Client Award 2016. This Dutch Design Award is a special prize for clients who employ design strategically in their organisation. The other finalists are Brabantia and MultiTankcard. 

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Re-branding Transavia 

In an extremely competitive market Transavia chose to deploy design to give their brand a boost with a complete rebranding. The result is measurable: the number of online bookings through the Transavia website has now exceeded the bookings through intermediary websites. The committee believes that this is a good example of a very smart combination of online design, good old graphic design, usability and design thinking: a very modern case, with demonstrable results.

Award show Dutch Design Week 

On Saturday 29 October, during Dutch Design Week, the winners of the Dutch Design Awards will be announced