31 March 2017

Proud Partner of MSc. Digital Design

Digital Agency Mirabeau is proud to be one of the partners of Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) with whom we, and eight other digital agencies, created the new Master of Science program in Digital Design. 

The Master of Science in Digital Design at AUAS

The Master of Science in Digital Design is at the crossroads of design practice, research, and technological innovation. Its one-year full-time curriculum combines a rigorous background in design research (“Research through Design”) and real-world projects with industry partners, carried out in a studio setting. It is built to challenge not only practitioners who wish to sharpen their competencies, but also for talented students fresh off their bachelor’s degree. Upon successful completion, students receive a Master of Science degree in Digital Design.

This program is meant to educate the new generation ‘rockstars’ and to put Dutch Digital Design on the map globally.

 - Henk Haaima, Creative Director Strategy & Consulting at Mirabeau

The Master’s program 

During the year, students will learn how to be more effective in leading a design team, and in explaining a Design Thinking process to non-designers. They will create interactive objects, both physical and digital, and reflect critically on what they are doing. Finally, they will learn how to model and foresee the consequences of what we design, to steer towards the futures we desire. The program adopts a set of learning principles that emphasize the students’ role as active learners. By teaching students ‘how to learn’, the programme aims at enabling them to remain up to date independently, thus staying relevant and effective in their professional practice. Through the close involvement of the Research Groups and industry partners, students will learn to explore innovative concepts through practice, to evaluate their experiments and ultimately to connect their concrete experience back to theory.


Admissions are now open. After a competitive selection process, a maximum of 24 students will be accepted for the 2017/18 academic year. The admissions are open until May 1. The tuition fee is partially state-subsidized, making it particularly affordable for applicants from the Netherlands and the EU.


The Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences (AUAS) has not only partnered with Mirabeau but also with eight other leading Dutch design agencies (ACHTUNG!, DDB Tribal, FHV BBDO, Fabrique, MediaMonks, Momkai, TamTam, and Woedend!) to create the new Master of Science program in Digital Design.

Mirabeau introduces first Master Digital Design

About Mirabeau

Mirabeau helps companies respond to changing consumer behaviour in a digital world. From a perspective of customer needs and behaviour, Mirabeau designs digital products and services for all touch points. Since November 2016 Mirabeau is A Cognizant Digital Business. By joining forces we are better positioned to help our clients succeed in this fast-changing, highly competitive marketplace.