19 April 2017

Mirabeau, first agency looking for Dialogue Engineers and Designers

As one of the first digital agencies operating in the conversational interfaces space, we're looking to expand our dialogue expertise capacity. 

The quote “bigger than mobile" sings around in our offices since the success of the Transavia chatbot. We think the conversational interface is the biggest thing since the introduction of the mobile phone. 

This is just the beginning. We’re already building integrations of Dialogue Interfaces with AI, machine learning, cognitive services, Internet of Things and various API’s

Edgard Beckand, Strategic Director at Mirabeau also indicates: “That’s why we are doubling down on this domain and looking to groom and embrace more experts.”

The need for Dialogue Engineers and Dialogue Designers

A new era has come with the introduction of conversational interfaces like Facebook Messenger, Apple Messages Apps, Siri, WeChat, Line, Google Glass, Amazon Echo and much more. Recognizing the potential quite early, we grabbed the opportunity and expand our conversational interface initiatives in order to mature this field of expertise.

Edgard Beckand: "The Transavia booking chatbot success is not a fluke, but a sign of the times. There’s much more to come! We’re looking to make things smarter, more fun and more human via dialogue interfaces."

Looking to build on a new industry

Although the initiatives on the various conversational platforms are still explorative, Mirabeau sees a lot of opportunity to design dialogue services for clients. According to Beckand both Dialogue Designer and Dialogue Engineer are specialisms of already existing disciplines: Service Designer and Engineer.

As a Dialogue Engineer you’ll tie together cognitive services, the API’s of our clients and open API’s and shape those resources into a natural, smart and wonderful dialogue. Of course Engineers work in concert with designers, copy writers, AI- and IoT experts and domain experts.

Dialogue Designers will be responsible for the exact dialogue flows and think about the usage of language, using smart ways to interact and learn, and of course defining the personality of dialogue based services. 

Having an affinity with conversational interfaces is a given, but also having a knack for language, being able to implement a brands tone and voice is crucial. That’s why we’re aiming for ‘dialogue natives, that thrive on collaboration and speak emoji’.

Do you speak Emoji!?!

At the time of writing this article Mirabeau is recruiting with “Do you speak Emoji?” to wrangle up the best talent in the market and further build on their dialogue expertise. Check out our Dialogue Designer and Dialogue Engineer vacancies.  

Mirabeau hires dialogue engineers and dialogue designers