2 June 2017

Mirabeau wins Golden DIA Award with KLM 'Hangar of the Future'

Mirabeau won a golden Dutch Interactive Award in the ‘B2B’ category for the process innovation at KLM. The award was presented at the DIA Award show on Thursday June 1st.

According to the jury report KLM ‘Hangar of the Future’ is a ‘’really nice business case. By creating the maintenance app the contractor gives his employees a hands-on tool. Beautiful way of process innovation. Praiseworthy.’’

Mirabeau and KLM collaborated on the iMech app which is meant for maintenance employees. This app makes the maintenance more efficient. Also it will give the employees more time for the work they love. The app is going to be indispensable in the Hangar of the Future. 

KLM won the Silver Award for Company of the Year.

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