5 July 2017

Design Thinking workshop at IXDC in Beijing

Interaction Designers Paul Versteeg and Lexi Lin share their knowledge about Design Thinking during the biggest user experience conference in Asia: IXDC 2017. In 2015 Mirabeau already gave several workshops during IXDC in Beijing. 

Designers have access to almost unlimited data, the hard part is to interpret the context and to translate it into a meaningful design. Someone’s screen size can be a valuable design criterium, but even more important is to adapt to someone’s cultural heritage. The way people interact with an interface is greatly influenced by the culture that they live in and culture must therefore always be a key element in the design.

During the 3-hour workshop, we introduce the concept of design thinking. This methodology puts the user first and is a very powerful approach to combine business goals with user experience and culture.

The participants will pair up, and design a physical “Wallet” for their partner. This way they get a taste of each design thinking stage (empathy, creativity and prototyping). Engaging with their partner will help them to ground their design decisions, and teach them that low-resolutions prototypes are useful to learn from. You can make a lot of progress in a little bit of time if you start doing!

Workshop by Mirabeau at IXDC 2015 

Workshop take-aways 

  1. Insight on how to effectively include context and culture in the design process;
  2. Learn how to apply design thinking as a methodology;
  3. Experience design thinking by doing it.

The design thinking workshop is meant for UX designers, interaction designers, creative leads and marketing executives. Are you interested? You can register for IXDC here.  
Workshop: Design Thinking by doing: The Wallet Project
Date: 13 July 2017
Time: 14.30 – 17.30 hrs

Mirabeau IXDC 2017