20 februari 2015

An exciting year for hybris partners

Mirabeau was present at the hybris Global Partner Summit 2015 in Munich. Looking back at the summit, and looking forward to the quarterly releases, 2015 is an exciting year for hybris partners.

Integration hybris product line

Following the summit in Amsterdam, we wondered how the integration of hybris and SAP had progressed. In the Zenith Halle in Munich, hybris was proud to stress the effect its DNA had on SAP. Nevertheless, at times it was still clear the two are different companies with different mindsets. Therefore the question remains: how will this impact their proposition? The answer is that although the brand identity of hybris is likely to stay around, the hybris product line is being integrated into the SAP portfolio as its Customer Engagement and Commerce offering. Through hybris, SAP is reaching out to consumer website implementation partners and integrators alike.
With that in mind, the hybris Marketing Suite stands out as a prodigy of the marriage between hybris and SAP, combining the recently acquired SeeWhy, hybris, SAP's CEI and the Data Hub. The still-in-beta YaaS - a bPaaS solution for hybris API's - and the Mobile SDK stood out as promising new hybris features set to solidify hybris' position as front end of SAP's customer engagement and commerce proposition.
Speaking of the Datahub: where during the Amsterdam Summit in 2014 hybris consultants were reluctant to give any definite answers to what the datahub was and was not, this summit ended all speculation. Where it previously seemed to be a younger overlooked brother of ESB solutions like ServiceMix and WebMethods, it's clear that hybris has gone and given it a central role in integration of hybris with SAP, but also with 3rd party solutions and even with other hybris clusters.

The future of Core+

Also clarified was the intention and future of Core+, sitting besides hybris core, and OCC v2, the REST API solution. Developers need not fear having to work with a product based on a legacy tech stack, as the roadmap of hybris' internals promises an exciting upgrade to Java 8 and Spring 4. And with the responsive storefronts being based on Bootstrap and Less, a sensible and industry-proven approach has been chosen for frontend to ensure similar ramp-up speed. Core+, while adopting the principles of hybris architecture, allows external modules to be deployed separately.

With hybris keeping a healthy focus on modularity, extensibility and a sensible technology stack, we are eager to embrace the expanding customer engagement capabilities that it's bringing to the table together with SAP.