1 september 2016

Mirabeau experiments with Conversational UI's and Chatbots

Messenger apps such as Whatsapp and Facebook Messenger are playing an increasingly important role in our daily digital lives. They are by far the most used apps helping us share our emotions with loved ones, do business, and get stuff done.

The potential of Conversational UI's 

Messaging platforms like WeChat are showing such apps also have the potential to become an important interface for many additional services like digital commerce. Within WeChat you can book an Uber, buy 20-cent melons from a street stand by scanning a QR code and interact with 10,000+ other “official accounts” all within one app. Mirabeau has been building on these interfaces and has started to develop chatbots and other conversational solutions. These are voice or text interfaces that allow you to have a conversation with a person or a chatbot using simple commands.


Chatbot prototype for a healthy lifestyle

Our innovation practice – Mirabeau Labs - has created prototypes using Amazon’s voice interface Alexa (Amazon Echo). Currently we are developing several interface concepts in messenger apps for the Airline and Finance industry. One such example is a conversational interface that can interact with an airline booking system. This gives consumers the possibility to lookup flight information and book a trip using their messenger app. Another solution works with Facebook's messenger chatbot and helps employees in the healthcare industry live a healthier lifestyle. 

We see conversational interfaces as a very promising area to experiment with

"By creating these concepts we gain valuable insights in what it takes to interact smoothly with services through a messenger app. Which helps us to advice our clients on how to prepare for tomorrow". Says Edgard Beckand (Lead innovation practice Mirabeau Labs).

Hayo Rubingh (Director Cloud Services): “There’s is a new breed of easy to use AI cloud services available like Microsoft’s Azure Bot Framework and language understanding services like LUIS. This allows us to quickly experiment and create whole new interface ideas using AI chatbots, something that would have been unthinkable until recent."


Mirabeau is planning to develop more conversational interface concepts in the coming months. Do you have any questions about conversational interfaces or other Labs services? Feel free to contact Edgard:

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