28 september 2016

Meet Mirabeau at eTravel Europe

On October 4th, eTravel Europe will unite international travel industry leaders and the world of digital in Amsterdam. Invited attendees are leaders in travel e-commerce, distribution, digital and related fields. They work at established brands and innovative startups across the travel industry. During this prestigious event Bas Barten, business consultant for Mirabeau, will give an inspirational talk on the next big step in your Digital Transformation:

Create a smooth multi-channel customer experience & digitally empower your employees

16:05 - 16:30 hrs - Bas Barten
Digital is setting a new standard in the travel industry. More and more of your business gets judged through the eyes of completely optimized, digital customer experiences. To deliver a smooth multi-channel customer experience, the next step is to focus on empowering your employees with digital means. Especially at the touch points where the customer and employee journey intersect there are new opportunities for better service, engaged employees and more profit!

Why you should attend

You want to grow your business through digital in a way that gets right to the heart of your customers and brings new ones to your brand. And you want to stay on the forefront of what’s happening in digital technology and understand how it applies to travel.

Find out more on eTravel Europe. For more information and registration please contact Cyrille Rentier.

About Mirabeau

Mirabeau helps companies such as Air France-KLM and Transavia respond to changing consumer behaviour in a digital world. From a perspective of customer needs and behaviour, Mirabeau designs digital products and services for all touch points.