13 december 2017

Redesign InsingerGilissen website

As of October 1st 2017, the two oldest private banks in the Netherlands, Theodoor Gilissen Bankiers (1881) and Insinger de Beaufort (1779) merged to continue under their new name InsingerGilissen. As the digital partner of Theodoor Gilissen Bankiers for over 5 years, Mirabeau developed the InsingerGilissen corporate website and rebranded their customer portal and mobile apps to incorporate the new InsingerGilissen visual style.

The new Sitecore platform is fully responsive and incorporates a challenging design full of animation and video. The creative concept and campaign have been developed by Fabrique and We Are Pi.

Separate histories, a shared future
Like Theodoor Gilissen and Insinger de Beaufort, InsingerGilissen is a bank on a human scale, where everything revolves around individual attention and customised advice. The new brand's refreshed positioning focuses on personal investment and offers inspirational support to take the next step. 

Roadmap for 2018
In 2018, InsingerGilissen and Mirabeau will continue to develop the digital roadmap for the future. In 2018 the entire customer portal will be renewed, focusing on themes such as financial planning and advanced personalization.

Check out the new InsingerGilissen website.