Create the optimal Customer Experience with an Episerver Commerce CMS Platform


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Offer every customer the best possible experience at all touch points with an Episerver Digital Commerce platform.

The Episerver Commerce platform is specially designed for e-business marketeers who need to react quickly to market developments. Everything is geared towards fast sales with the least possible effort. We have implemented Episerver installations for clients such as Skyteam Airline Alliance, Jumbo Supermarkets, Nuon, ZOwonen, Vestide and Cordstrap. Thanks to our expertise and experience, Mirabeau has been an official Episerver Solution Partner for over five years and is certified Premium Partner since 2017.

The Episerver Commerce platform is specially designed for e-business marketeers that need to react quickly to market developments, for example through highly targeted campaigns. With Episerver you can launch campaigns at lightning speed. In addition, the platform stands out for its mobile-first strategy and continuous content optimisations.

The benefits of an Episerver Commerce solution

Episerver Commerce is the first enterprise .Net e-commerce platform with an integrated CMS, offering a great deal of creative freedom and ensuring that content is consistent across all devices. In addition to an optimal user experience, the CMS improves customer interaction and ensures a higher conversion rate. The innovative drag-and-drop functionality provides optimal control over content and design. 

The advantage of this integration is that the management of product information is identical to working in the CMS. This unity of use makes it easy for the same person to work on the Commerce environment and the CMS. In terms of look & feel, they are exactly the same environment.

In addition, the Episerver makes it simple to test your application on various mobile platforms without leaving your PC’s desktop. This eliminates the need to purchase various devices for test purposes. 

Total solution

While it is rare for a Commerce solution to be implemented without some kind of parallel CMS requirement, Episerver is the first system that solves both issues at a high level. Some Commerce solutions do not have a fully fledged CMS but there are even more CMS solutions without a fully fledged Commerce system. The powerful combination of Commerce and CMS makes Episerver unique.

Launch new campaigns quickly

Episerver Commerce’s simple method of operation allows you to publish new content and product information via a drag-and-drop functionality, enabling a new campaign to be launched in no time. The campaigns are automatically optimised to make them suitable for any device. To speed up your time to market it is also possible to re-use existing campaigns on other pages, sites or channels.

Behavior-oriented sales 

Episerver Commerce analyses user behaviour and uses this information to stimulate sales. The platform contains a self-learning mechanism, which automatically generates personalised recommendations, such as best sellers, newcomers and ‘recommended for you’ tips. This results in an increase in the average order value without the need to create complicated rules.

Standard integrations

Episerver facilitates a best-of-breed strategy by offering standard integrations with products such as inRiver PIM and Optimizely, various marketing automation tools and CRMs like Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce. This provides the flexibility to meet today’s demands for a successful commerce platform.

Extra quick in business thanks to 'Episerver as a service'

In order to reduce the time to market, we offer ‘Episerver as a service’ based on Microsoft Azure cloud infrastructure technology. With modern concepts, such as continuous delivery, auto-scaling and immutable infrastructure, this is a very flexible and cost-effective platform that seamlessly matches your business needs.

Recognized as only 'Challenger' in the Magic Quadrant 

Episerver is named as the only challenger in the Magic Quadrant for Digital Commerce by Gartner. Gartner awarded Episerver top marks for the critical capabilities of Agility, Customer Experience, Time to Productivity, and Total Cost of Ownership. They are now the highest placed Microsoft .NET-based solution in the Magic Quadrant. The Magic Quadrants provide a graphical competitive positioning and offer visual snapshots of a market's direction, maturity and participants. The report evaluates providers of digital commerce platforms and gives an overview of the market’s direction, maturity and participants.

Want to know more about the Gartner Magic Quadrant and the evaluated providers of digital commerce platforms? Download the Gartner Magic Quadrant for Digital Marketing 2017 here.

If you have any questions or need advice on your particular situation, contact our Episerver partner manager Peter Bakker.